3 étoiles station de ski d'Ancelle Hautes-Alpes. Séjour Alpes du Sud

Mountain specialties

Cheese specialities

Hot box                   23.00 ¤/pers
Vacherin, pork, potatoes.

Cheese fondue               21.00 ¤/pers
Three Cheese fondue, green salad.

Les Autanes fondue                    25.00 ¤/pers
Three Cheese fondue, pork, potatoes.

Ceps fondue                 26.00 ¤/pers
Three Cheese fondue, ceps and potatoes.

Morels Fondue                28.00 ¤/pers
Three Cheese fondue, morels and potatoes.

Reblochonnade           25.00 ¤/pers
Reblochon fondue, pork, potatoes.

Donkey's ear tian           15.00 ¤/pers
Spinach gratin, pancakes and cheese, green salad.

Tartiflette with green salad      15.00 ¤/pers

Meat specialities

Fondue paysanne          25.00 ¤/pers
Poultry meat heated in a vegetable broth,
Spices, ceps and morels. French fries and mayonnaise-based sauces.

Wine fondue           25.00 ¤/pers
Beef meat grilled on red wine, with vegetables
Spices. French fries and mayonnaise-based sauces.

Brazérade            25.00 ¤/pers
Beef meat grilled on a table barbecue.
Potatoes and mayonnaise-based sauces.

Pierrade with 3 meat        30.00 ¤/pers
Beef meat, Duck breast and chicken fillet.
Champsaur tourtons, mayonnnaise-based sauces.

Fondues and specialities are served from 2 persons
except tartiflette and donkey's ear tian.