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Health card

Body care card

Martine's body care card 2014

I only propose relaxing massages that are neither for therapeutic use, nor for physiotherapy use. Sensorial cosmetics body care and natural without paraben, silicone, mineral oil or animal origin,
Dermatologically tested, not tested on animals


  • Great care dream 2 hours ¤ 150

    Exceptional care offering a body scrub " sand's dream" toning and nourishing.

    A body wrap Detox essences of tea and a massage of the entire body with oil tea tonic sparkling citrus fragrances.


    Discovery getaway 2 hours ¤ 150

    Getaway wellness inviting to a great relaxing instant, beginning by a massage and followed by a Facial care Moisturizer defined by the type of skin.


    Break massage "Omnisens" 25 min ¤ 45

    Discovery massage selection of two areas body,

    back and neck or legs and feet.


    Massage with bamboos 50 min ¤ 80

    Fluid modeling that restructures the body, redraws it, embellished it, leaving a wonderful feeling of lightness thanks to the soft and vibrant pressures of the bamboos.




    Relaxing massage with candle elixir 50 min ¤ 90

    Massage for a total relaxation of the body, candle diffuses scents with relaxing properties and provides a fantastic massage elixir for a unique sensory experience.


    Aroma massage with pouches 50 min ¤ 85

    Relaxation massage combining both techniques of manual massage and aromatic brushes steam-heated. The warm herbal brushes help to improve blood circulation, the skin is oxygenated, stress evacuated.


    Secrets du temps age-defying treatment 1h 30 ¤ 120

    Intensive treatment to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and tone the facial.

    A treatment rich in ultra-performing assets for a dramatic anti-aging results.


    Sensory massage with warm pebbles 50 min ¤ 85

    Deep massage combining techniques

    manual and relaxation thanks to the energetic properties of stones.

    Muscles relax in contact with the heat of volcanic rocks,

    the mind calms down thanks to the virtues of the stones


    Detoxifying Facial Brightening 60 min ¤ 85

    Original and effective care combining the application of small brushes on the face,

    of acupressure points and treatments to unify the complexion.

Duo Massage 50 min ¤ 80

You want to share delicious moments of relaxation and privacy,

This massage is for you, it is made by two practitioners in the same area on 2 different tables. This massage for two will be an unforgettable moment of complicity


Californian massage 50 min ¤ 80

Soft Massage, it erases muscle tension and fatigue.

Softens skin, tones and strengthens vitality.


Gentle massage future mom 50 min ¤ 80

Comforting massage with natural vegetable oils.

Body tension (lumbar, back, legs) are settled with gentleness.


Thai Foot Reflexology 50 min ¤ 80

Full massage stimulating reflex zones of the feet, richs in nerves ending . This massage combines different manual techniques such as kneading, the finger's pressures and the smoothing allowing a full body relaxation.


Ayurvedic massage 50 min ¤ 80

Indian massage relaxing in warm sesame oil which unravels body tension in a great sense of harmony.

A real instant of well being.


Nepali massage 50 min ¤ 80

Relaxing and rebalancing treatment combining differents technics of massages: slipped

pulled and stretched to unravel tensions in the body and release

vital energy.


Grand back care 40 min ¤ 60

Genuine care for tensed and stressed backs, gentle and Tonic exfoliation with Lemon Peel,

followed by a aromatic long back massage to relieve tension


Radiant complexion pauses 25 min ¤ 45

Balancing and moisturizing Care for a clear and radiant complexion.

Specific cares

Massage of relaxation and Reiki care 1h30 min ¤ 100

One hour massage of great sweetness associated with 30 minutes of care

for a harmonization of chakras.

  • Reiki Usui Care 50 mn 45 ¤
Reiki is a care method that consists in channeling energy with hands to the parts of the body which need it the most. It helps to relax the muscles, the body.

Moments Spa

Relaxing care and manicure 20 min ¤ 45

Scrub and moisturizing hand massage, followed by an application of dry Satined oil


Comfort Feet treatment 20 min ¤ 45

Relaxing care and feet pedicure: relaxing bath with tonic tea, white sand scrub followed by a hydrating massage.

Spa by Night ¤ 95

A delightful evening with 30 minutes of Jacuzzi

and the relaxation of a massage 50 min.

After these moments of well being you will enjoy a tasting of Champagne and a gourmet appetizer


Tea Time & Spa ¤ 85

A special moment between friends involving 30 minutes of Jacuzzi whirlpool bath,

50 minutes of relaxing massage and a tasting pastries and flavored teas.