3 étoiles station de ski d'Ancelle Hautes-Alpes. Séjour Alpes du Sud


Once upon a time... a beautiful story...

Half a century ago, in 1950, my husband Emile Demoz, whom everyone called "Snowy" and me "Rosette", decided to settle in this little cozy mountain village of Ancelle to realize our dream :

Becoming hotelkeepers.

"Les Autanes" Hotel was born ...

Woodcutter coming from Val d' Aosta and with a great entrepreneurial spirit, Snowy decided very quickly to create, with the aid of his Ancellus friends, the Ancelle ski resort.

He wanted to make discover to all those who did not know - and there were many! - the typical village of Ancelle.

He was one of the first to go to Paris to solicit customers.

Thus, the first classes de neige and the first skiers arrived at Ancelle.

Today, Snowy is no longer there...

But his spirit is in this place, that our children have transformed a few years ago, in accordance with the traditions of mountain hospitality:

Simplicity, friendliness, generosity and good humor.


For Snowy. Rosette